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Trojan Horse is a malicious program which is used to spy and control a computer by misleading users of its true intent. Malware Trojan can also be called as Remote Key Logger since it records key strokes of all the applications of our computer and send it to the hacker online.

How Trojan Horse Facebook hacking works?

software you think legit might be a trojan. A PDF you don’t suspect might contain a trojan. A avi media file given by someone might be a trojan. Trojan horses runs in the backgroud process, collect information and send it to hacker. Trojan horses can be sent in any form through any medium like pen drive, ipod, website or email. In our topic, Trojan records FB password that you have typed in your browser and send it to the Facebook hacker using Internet.

I am starting  this from very basic so in case you don’t know anything about Trojan Horse and stuff , I have explained everything from the beginning.

What is a Malware ?

It is a program that is meant for malicious purposes. Trojan horse is a type of malware which once installed in your PC can access everything.
Let me give you an example suppose you have got an email from your friend telling you to download an application which seems very useful and you install it.Once you have installed that application the person who send it to you will have full access to your computer using his Trojan Horse. He is able to view anything on your PC, open any file ,besides he also has the access to your webcam which I believe is scary !
There is a difference between a Trojan Horse and a Virus. Virus inject the files/system to make it unusable , It cannot create a copy of  itself.On the other hand Trojan Horse gain the remote access to the administration , Trojan Horse once installed all the files of your PC can be accessed by a attacker .

How to Make a Trojan Horse : Steps

Types of Trojan Horse :-

  1. Perfect Keylogger : Records keystrokes , so basically everything that you are typing will be recorded.
  2. Botnets : It is a network of Trojan Horse. It is used to control or steal data from lots of devices.
  3. Spyware : Records stuff like  keystrokes , audio , webcam , screen ,browser logs.
That was some basic introduction on Trojan Horse . Trojan Horse can be made using any programming language but RAT software’s can be used to make Trojan Horse without coding. one such RAT software is DARK COMET.There are other Trojan horse also like the famous ones are beast, cyber gate, girlfriend etc.
Now I am going to show you How to make a Trojan Horse with the help of a very user friendly tool DARK COMET and also how to protect yourself from these things.

Step 1 : Download the Software

First of all you need to download DARK COMET from the internet.Extract the zip file and install DARK COMET on your PC.After successful installation you will be able to see the icon on your desktop as you see here in the screenshot.
Trojan Horse
Trojan Horse

Step 2 : Full Editor Mode

Double click on the DARK COMET .Accept the terms and conditions.A screen will appear on the top left of the screen you will see an option “RAT COMET” Click on it and then select server module and click  on full editor as shown here in this screenshot.Now you are set to make a Trojan Horse.
Trojan Horse
Trojan Horse

Step 3 : Configuring the Trojan Horse

After clicking on full editor you will get all the options listed in a user friendly manner. you can choose what message will appear when your victim will click on the icon then you can also choose options like disable firewall , choose persistent process (if killed then it will come back) , you can choose your icon and there are lots of stuff to choose according to your needs.
Trojan Horse
Trojan Horse
But one thing you have to take care is in this we are making reverse connection. we have to write our IP address and port number so that instead of attacker connecting to the victim , the victim gets connected to the attacker.This thing is known as Port forwarding.
On the right side there will be an option called network settings.There type in your IP address and change the port number to 999 as DARK COMET  listen on port 999.In case you don’t know how to find out the ip address. since mostly people use windows operating system all you need to do is open your command prompt and type ‘ ipconfig ‘ and press enter , your IP address will be displayed on the command prompt.So your Trojan Horse is now fully configured.

Trojan Horse

Step 4 : Testing Our Trojan Horse

After you have completed all this just click on build the stuff and your Trojan Horse will be created.Here I have created a Trojan Horse called Facebook hacker ,You can try if your icon works properly or not in a parallel operating system through VMware Virtualization .You need some social engineering techniques so that your victim is convinced that it is a useful application and they should install it in their PC.As soon as your victim double clicks on this icon you will gain complete access to your victim’s PC.Now you can wreak havoc on their PC.
Trojan Horse
Trojan Horse

Protect Yourself From Trojan Horse :-

Here I have listed some of the tools that help protects you from such Trojan Horse which are available on the internet .
  1. KEY SCRAMBLER : It protects from key-logger by encrypting everything that you type in the kernel.
  2. SANDBOXIE :  It runs your program on an isolated space so that it does not affect the whole system.It also prevents them from making permanent changes in the system.
  3. FIREWALL : It protects you from unauthorized access from a network .It controls the incoming and outgoing traffic.
  4. ZONEALARM : It is a firewall that protects you from intrusions and online threats.
In several black markets of the internet undetectable Trojan Horse  are also being sold. Trojan Horse can be the best buddy for any hacker and Trojan Horse have played a very crucial role in the life’s of many IT security professionals.To build undetectable Trojan Horse you just need to know one programming language.
One of the most dangerous banking Trojan Horse  was ZEUS which destroyed the life of many.ZEUS Trojan Horse was one Trojan Horse which was undetectable and hacked many computers.This Trojan Horse  hacked about 74000 FTP accounts and also websites like Oracle, NASA ,Bank of America etc.
If you like the guide then do share it among your friends and in case you have any doubts or suggestion then you can comment us below.

How could you prevent yourself from Trojan?

  • Don’t install programs from unknown online sources.
  • Don’t play media files received from unknown source.
  • Don’t open any kind of files downloaded from untrusted sources.
  • Don’t insert pen drive from any suspicious people.
  • Have an updated anti-virus software installed in your computer.
Having an updated anti-virus software do not guarantee you to stay safe from hacking. Basically an anti-virus software is a collection of detected malwares and viruses. Its job is to compare each and every file with their database of viruses. There are many softwares which enable us to create a undetectable trojans. But it is very unlikely to target a common man with undetectable trojanware. So having a updated antivirus program is some what protective. Don’t forget to update your anti virus software once their is an update available.

I would not hold any responsibility for any type of criminal activity performed using this guide.This guide is for Educational purpose Only.

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