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HACK FACEBOOK PASSWORD USING Browser Extension Facebook Hacker

This method don’t let the Facebook hacker / attacker give complete access to your Facebook account but gives some power to control your account indirectly. I’ve seen multiple Google Chrome and Firefox addons which hiddenly perform actions like following a person, liking a page on behalf of your Facebook profile, etc.

How Browser extension Facebook hack works?

When you visit some malicious websites or webpages, you will be prompted to install a browser addon. Once you install the addon, it will perform all the tasks described by Facebook hacker or attacker who created it. Some primary actions are posting status updates in your wall, liking a FB page, following a person, adding you to some Facebook groups, inviting your friends to like a page or join a Facebook group etc. You may not know these things happening in your FB account except when you check your Facebook activity log periodically.

How could you prevent browser extension Facebook hack?

You can monitor your activities using a Facebook feature called Activity Log. You should not trust any third party websites prompting you to add a browser extension. Install addons only if you trust the publisher. Why should you take risk if you don’t know the publisher or intention of the addon? Always stay from these malicious browser extensions.

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14 November 2017 at 00:24

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