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How to Spy on Someone through Their Phone Camera


The method on how to spy on someone through their camera phone has been lingering in the minds of many people. As a matter of fact, I know it also comes as a surprise to many people reading this article. Have we all used our camera phones to take the best shots in our day to day lives-right? However, did you ever know that you can turn your camera phone, or that of a friend into a spying gadget? If you didn’t, now you know. How is it done you may ask? The answer is simple; get a spying app that will function by monitoring different people through the camera.
To cut a long story short, I’m going to illustrate to you how to spy on someone through their camera phone with or without their knowledge.

Part 1: How to Spy on Someone through Their Phone Camera

With a technology that keeps changing on a daily basis, you no longer have to spend your hard-earned money to purchase expensive spying apps to monitor someone through their phones. All you need to do is to download the IP Webcam especially if you are operating an Android device. Just follow these steps to turn your phone camera into a spying app.

Step 1: Download and Install IP Webcam

The IP Webcam is an Android app that must be downloaded from Play Store. Your first step should be to login to your account and download the app. Once downloaded, install the IP Webcam on your phone and launch it. You will be in a position to see the following interface.
Download and Install IP Webcam

Step 2: Select Monitoring Server

Once you have installed the IP webcam app on your phone, scroll down the interface and tap on the "Start Server" option. This option will initiate the live stream option on your phone.
Select Monitoring Server

Step 3: Open IP Address

The moment you select the monitoring sever, you will be in a position to see an IP address located below your screen. Copy this IP address on your web browser and press "Enter" or "Search" depending on your browser settings.

Open IP Address

Step 4: Initiate Live Stream

Once you have entered the designated IP address, you will be in a position to see the following interface on your PC.
Initiate Live Stream

Step 5: Select Preferred Visuals

With the new interface opened, select and click on the "Browser" option. This prompt demand will open the streaming option.
Select Preferred Visuals
From this point onwards, you can control each and everything that goes on in the target phone. There you have it. You can now spy on anyone using the IP webcam app. The images and videos produced will be live and of high-quality.

Step 6: Hide Live Spying

Since our aim is to spy, our next step will be to hide the spying process and live streams from the interface. To do this, tap on the "Actions" option and select the "Run in Background" option.
Hide Live Spying

Step 7: Click on the "Ok I get it" option.

How to Spy on Someone through Their Phone Camera
There you have it. You will now start monitoring the user of the phone and anyone around them at the comfort of your PC.

Part 2: Alternative - Spy on Someone Online via Spyzie

When it comes to spying, of course, a good number of us will go after an app that is free for use with the hopes of saving some extra dollars. However, as it is always said, cheap is always expensive. You might go for a free to use spying app only for your tracks to be exposed due to the poor assembling of the app in question. It is for this reason that it’s always advisable to go for an app that even though it’s expensive or charging for its services, at least you are guaranteed maximum cover throughout your spying ventures. Without further ado, please allow me to introduce Spyzie: a one of a kind app that provides you with the utmost spying options which you can’t find in free to use apps. If you want to know how to spy on someone through their phone camera without their knowledge, follow these easy to understand steps and enjoy the best spying services from Spyzie.

Step 1: Make a Purchase

The first thing that you must do to enjoy the services offered by Spyzie is by buying this app. However, you can also register a free account to use several basic features.

Step 2: Download and Install the App

To spy an android phone, you must install a monitoing app on the target device. When you would like to spy an iPhone, all you need is the iCloud ID.
TIP: The process is made simpler thanks to the installation wizard, and hence you don’t have to be worried about any complex installation procedures.

Step 3: Start your Spying

With the installation process done, open the various features supported by the app to choose the one that perfectly suits you. The Spyzie app automatically integrates with the target phone and initiates the spying process.
Now there you have it. For you to spy on the target phone via its mobile camera, just log in to your Spyzie account and head to the control panel. From this point, you will be able to see what the target person is up to. For example, the screenshot below depicts the latest pictures taken by the owner of the phone.
As simple as it is, that is how to spy on someone through their phone camera. If you have any questions concerning the use of Spyzie, feel free to take a look at these frequently asked questions.

Regardless of the spying app that you may want to use, the fact remains that your camera phone is your eye when you are in no position to see. As we have seen in this article, the methods employed on how to spy on someone through their camera phone solely depends on the user preferences as well as the target. It is my hope that you will be in a position to borrow a leaf from what I have illustrated in this article. If you want to share your past experiences, post a comment or inquire more information, you can always hit me up in the comment section. 

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